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The Covid Inversion of Reason – Report from Great Britain – By Wat Tyler
To all Berliners: The insanity is the rent itself!
Rondo Alla Francese: Spring riots 2016, France
Demonstration 6th February, Berlin Friedrichshain: „There is a raid in the troublemakers district“
Statement of the Communist Party of Greece, 11.7.2015
Review of „Why we set your nights on fire.“
Why we set your nights on fire – Communiques of greek nihilists (Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire)
Comic: History of the Shadow Army
Abstraktion von Theorie und Praxis – Berlin & Montréal
Dawn of the Greeks
A Theory of Shattered Fragments
The Oakland Commune
Some preliminary remarks on the position taken by the Comité Invisible with ‚L’insurrection qui vient.‘
A Heros’s Life – Epic for Boys
We are an image from the future – Book Trailer
A tradition in many splinters
Flip-book – Perspektive N° 67/68