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Wat Tyler: The Covid Inversion of Reason - Report from Great Britain
To all Berliners: The insanity is the rent itself!
Rondo Alla Francese: Spring riots 2016, France - Video
Demonstration 6th February, Berlin Friedrichshain: "There is a raid in the troublemakers district"
Statement of the Communist Party of Greece, 11.7.2015
Review of "Why we set your nights on fire."
Why we set your nights on fire. Communiques of greek nihilists (Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire)
Comic: History of the Shadow Army
Abstraction of theory and praxis - Berlin & Montréal
Dawn of the Greeks
A Theory of Shattered Fragments
The Oakland Commune
Peter Kropotkin: The Coming Revolution
Some preliminary remarks on the position taken by the Comité Invisible with 'L'insurrection qui vient.'
A Heros's Life - Epic for Boys
We are an image from the future - Book Trailer
A tradition in many splinters
Flip-book - Perspektive N° 67/68